In Memory

Alfonso Rico

I had the honor and fortune of growing up with Al. He and I didn't attend the same elementary or middle school, but we met through a mutual friend at an early age. I can recall us going around Atkinson Lane to see what sort of mischief we could create. He loved to push the limits, and from time to time, cross the line between fun and breaking the law. Growing up with him was a treat.


In high school and junior college, Al and I had a few classes together. Al wasn’t the smartest kid in the class but he realized that if he wanted to learn the subject and obtain good grades he had to work harder than anyone else. He was kind enough to give me rides to school knowing that I did not have a vehicle of my own or didn’t have access to one for the day.

Al kept a person on their toes. He was known for his practical jokes and anyone could become his target. We all were, but he meant no harm. Those laughs are what memorable times are made of.

Al’s life led him down a path in which he grew up at an early age. He became a man when we were still kids. He knew his priorities and did what he had to do to take care of his family. We would have done the same in his position.

Unfortunately, Al was taken from us at an early age. I often think what Al would be doing if he were around. Most likely away from Watsonville and living a successful life. He worked hard and was going to earn it.

Geography is the only thing that separates us these days. Friendships that we created many years ago will always be around. Alfonso was a brother to us all. He is watching over us and waits for the day when we finally get to see him again. This is for you my friend, whose spirit I loved.